Outsource Projects – as you need it.

  • Financial Analysis of HR Metrics
    • Analyzing business plans and P&L’s, identifying and establishing HR metrics meaningful to business owners, partnering to evaluate the return on investment (ROI) with respect to human capital
  • Talent SWOT Analysis
    • Determining where talent is Strong or Weak and where the Opportunities or Threats lie
  • Improving Organizational Efficiencies and Effectiveness
    • Providing analysis of jobs and processes to improve job satisfaction, organizational culture, ROI and compliance
  • Strategic Compensation and Rewards Programs
    • Ensuring competitiveness based on current resources and planning for growth
  • Performance Management
    • Moving individuals and teams toward successful results – each day, week, month and year
  • Managing Change Initiatives
    • Opening new locations, mergers and acquisitions, implementing new processes, equipment or software
  • HR “Department” Set Up
    • Setting up or auditing existing HR files, forms and handbooks
  • Policy or Procedure Creation
    • Establishing and communicating the organization’s standards while complying with laws & regulations
  • Investigations
    • Providing a responsive third party to attempt resolution of charges and claims before escalation
  • Terminations
    • Assisting or handling terminations, either modeling behaviors or supporting the business owner in ending the relationship
  • Succession Planning
    • Prudent assessment of the leadership paths, identifying key players and gaps
  • Employee Surveys
    • Benchmark and ongoing surveys on employee engagement and advice on using the information to enhance organizational culture
  • Wellness Events/Programs
    • Facilitating the implementation of employee committees on wellness; providing ideas/guidance for events and programs meaningful to them